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(no subject) [22nd January 2009|10:09 a]

um yeah. blog still pwning.

but is now located:

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(no subject) [13th December 2008|10:46 p]
so my blog has officially taken over. at least as far as my internet attention goes.
so you should probably head over there to see what's going on:

basically, this biggest news you're missing is that I broke my wrist.
I don't have the official word from the doctor that it is indeed broken. but something ain't right with it.
you can get a full update, with pictures, on aforementioned blog.
the short of it is that I fell on the ice.

I started hanging out with a guy, who I thought was interested in me -- still early on and I thought things were going well. ... however, turns out he's in a relationship.
I got my hopes up.
and now this sucks.

the last news is that adam & sara are throwing a party right now.
I had wanted to attend... but didn't want to take the train there. so I asked Dan for a ride.
dan was on his way to pick me up. he was getting off at my exit.. and he got into an accident.
he's fine. the car is totaled. and I feel like shit. well, even more I guess than I have been due to my damn wrist.

so things aren't that great with me. but at least on monday I'll be seeing the doctor and I will be asking for some pain medication. the over-the-counter stuff doesn't do anything at all. absolutely nothing.
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(no subject) [24th November 2008|07:25 a]
so happy that I bought my new winter coat just in time for the first snow fall.

once it stays in the single digits, I'll use my other one -- an ankle-length down coat that use to belong to my late stepmom... it's really the length that keeps me from wearing it all winter.

... as for right now... I've got a sleeping male on my couch who doesn't seem all that interested in waking up... and I've got to leave in about 10 minutes or so.
I hate the mornings when I'm get ready early... having time to spare... I should enjoy it... but mostly I end up pacing around.

hmm... maybe I should poke him soon.
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(no subject) [7th November 2008|04:34 p]
note to self:

buying a wii is not a valid excuse to leave work early.

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(no subject) [6th November 2008|12:51 p]
well what do you know.

... I'm old enough (past actually) to be a foster parent.


not quite the right time though... but it's good to know that as far as requirements go.. I'm pretty sound.
... not going to rush into this decision either.  I need to actually do a bit more research as well, I wouldn't want to be someone who homes a handful of children... just like one or two...

but this is good news.
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(no subject) [6th November 2008|06:55 a]
don't know how I feel about the fact that I need to buy a covered litter box just because lucyfur empties half of the contents out when she's digging.

I wasn't going to just pin the blame on her, not initially... but I've watched... tuis and kai don't dig like that. sure, they track little bits of litter around the bathroom... but that's because there isn't a place for them to wipe their paws (I'm working on it).... but there was seriously about 3 cups of litter outside the box right after I filled it.

unfortunately, the box I want -- the Omega paw n roll... or whatever -- isn't in stores. So I need to see if I can get store delivery... or have it sent to my dad's and just get it a lot later (like by christmas at the latest...)
with my back, and arms, I need some assistance with their boxes... I just can't lift well.... and from what I've read of the Omega box... this is what I want.
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(no subject) [3rd November 2008|07:21 a]
oh the mini drama that is my home life continues....

somedays it feels like my roommate wants nothing to do with me and would appreciate if I just moved out now because she's tired of my presence.

I just don't know what's going on with her.
she won't talk about anything. she won't say what's bothering her.... and I'm sick of bringing it up because I'm tired of always being the attacker. of always feeling like I'm the bad person... that everything wrong in this house is my fault and she is nothing but a flawless victim...

I don't feel like there's one big problem... just lots of smaller things that have just piled up.
things being broken, things not being taken care of, messes left out (the eggshells are the biggest thing to me), being excluded (and now sometimes it actually feels intentional).... there's just small things.... there's just a general lack of communication across the board in this place -- more than just between my roommate and I...

anyway... I just know that if my couch doesn't get fixed, it'll go on the IOU chart... (not the entire cost of the couch, but it won't be a small sum either -- that couch cost a decent amount. It was one of my investment pieces for when I get my own place.... not just something I found at a resale shop or on the side of the road...)

I'm tired of living situations like this. I thought once I left college things would change.... hopefully things with Chrissy will go well. At least I know if there's an issue, Chrissy will let me know and not just sulk about it.
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(no subject) [27th October 2008|06:24 p]
[Mood |pissed off]

I'm so annoyed right now.

I am in constant pain. I have been in constant pain for just over a week now.
I had to get an x-ray on my neck.
I am on and have been on pain killers and muscle relaxers.
I've missed three days of work.

But for some reason.... my roommate seems to think that it's okay to put ALL of the chores under my name.
I shouldn't have to clean her litter box just because Lisa stole my kittens and my roommate used ALL of the new litter I just bought. I can't buy more. Anything over a few pounds is way too much for me.

I'm just so frustrated.

I can't do this. I can't even wash any dishes because it causes even more pain -- it caused pain before all of this mess happened.

When I confront her on this, I am going to be harsher than I need to be. At this point, I don't care. I am in pain. and I don't want to be coddled or anything, but I thought I would get some sort of sympathy. Some sort of understanding.

Seriously, seriously irritated.

Can Chrissy move here now?

I just don't want to deal with this.
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(no subject) [25th October 2008|08:32 p]
I'm so bored.

all I've done today is get an xray.

my roommate locked her keys in the car again, so I could do errands.

... Dan & Adam are at a costume party that I turned down... I'm just not in the party mood... I'm in the hang out and enjoy some good company mood... but not really a let's go to a costume party mood. which I think I am regretting.

I'm so completely bored.

it's so dark and cold out, that walking down to the store to get cookies (that I've been craving all week) and ice cream and junk food... well, I just don't want to walk all that way in the cold by myself. (but I'm surprisingly okay with eating away my loneliness...)

... I'm so bored that I'm considering going to bed. yes. at 8:30.
this is ricockulous.
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(no subject) [24th October 2008|09:47 a]
apparently I get very irritable and intolerant when I'm in a lot of pain.

luckily I've got my doctor's appointment this morning, and hopefully my back and neck can stop hurting...

I've been in constant pain for 3 days straight... though my back has been hurting a lot since last week... but for the past three days it's only been getting worse.
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